The Journey Home–3 Months Old

  • Rooming In

    Written May 16, 2012 12:46pm by Hillary Sirmon

    Monday (after mom successfully changed Benjamin’s trach), we packed Benjamin up and rolled him down the hall to his very own room. He seemed to really enjoy the ride, while my stomach was in knots. As soon as we entered the room, Benjamin’s eyes were so open and bright taking in all the natural sunlight from the large window in the room. Filling up every electrical socket in the room, we hooked up all of Benjamin’s equipment and started to get settled in our temporary home.

    Though, we had been taking care of Benjamin in the NICU, I was a little worried I would be nervous knowing a nurse wasn’t within my reach. Surprising myself, I jumped
    right in, and did what I know best…taking care of my babies. The hardest part is letting Mom help since I want to do everything myself. The first night, we slept very little between suctioning, repositioning, assessing alarms, and feeding Benjamin. Last night was a little easier since Benjamin didn’t need any suctioning, and Mom woke up to add formula to Benjamin’s continuous feeds.

    Lennon and Isla came to visit us last night. This was Isla’s first time to meet Benjamin, and she was so excited. She just stared and waved her little hand repeating “Hey Baby Ben.” So sweet! Though she was thrilled to meet her baby brother, she was more entertained by his baby bouncer. I think we will have to have two at home.

    Benjamin turned 3 months old today, and I am glad we will not be spending his 4 month birthday in the NICU. Only five more days ’til we are home. 🙂



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