Visit with Sister Dulce

Visit with Sister Dulce

Written Jul 31, 2012 12:39pm by Hillary Sirmon

July 19th, we visited with Sister Dulce. Sister Dulce is a very sweet and kind nun in Baton Rouge who has been considered by some as a healer. She says she is not “a healer,” but she is used as an instrument of God for His healing. After entering the room, she prayed over him and talked to us about healing, and if it is God’s Will, then Benjamin will be healed. Sister Dulce said we will see improvements in his lungs first. I have seen so much healing in Benjamin already, and I have seen the power of prayer. Many people expect a complete recovery anytime healing is discussed. I believe healing comes in many forms…physical, spiritual, emotional, and in those categories, we have already seen healing not just in Benjamin, but in our family and friends around us. Benjamin has survived and thrived, where many boys with MTM did not at this age. He continues to show us new things, and with that, I continue to see “healing.” We continue to talk with Sister over the phone, and she always says, “Give Benjamin a kiss for me.”
Along with our wonderful visit with Sister, I was very in awe of how others reacted to Benjamin. I know all mothers think this, but their reaction was something different. Women were coming out of offices to meet Benjamin, almost as if they had been waiting on him. These women see people with illness and disease everyday…I was amazed at the reaction they had with Benjamin. We met a wonderful woman who gave us a pillow with a picture of Mary and Jesus on the front. She was given the pillow by a priest who worked closely with Father Seelos. The priest told her to meet with Sister Dulce while she was fighting Multiple Sclerosis. This sweet woman who had previously been fighting multiple sclerosis was amazing and walking around in high heels with no problems from the disease. She kept repeating that Benjamin was an angel…a real angel.
In the past week, Benjamin has really been out and about. We have attended mass two weeks in a row, been able to shop at Target and Whole Foods, and even took Benjamin with us to go out and eat lunch. Transporting him has become much more manageable. Having Benjamin out in the community, I also want people to learn to see the ventilator as a device that assists Benjamin to live and thrive, not as something that will accompany him on his way out the door. 🙂 We still get the occasional stares, women with watery eyes, and many God bless you’s (much appreciated), but I want people to see past the ventilator at our adorable and extremely happy (and spoiled) little boy.
Benjamin continues to improve moving more, starting to make some sounds (not frequently), and is holding his mouth and lips closed on occasion with cueing. He really is amazing to watch, and he is such a happy little boy. Friday, I started weaning Benjamin’s oxygen from 1 liter to 3/4 liter. It doesn’t sound like much, but when I tried in the past, it was not too successful. He tolerated the change very well and Sunday we lowered it to 1/2 a liter. Benjamin continues to maintain his O2 saturations and we will hopefully lower again today. I did giggle when Sister Dulce asked us to please continue to follow Benjamin’s doctors’ orders, and not to completely turn off his oxygen until he was ready. I had already discussed this with his physician and he said weaning the oxygen was OK. God is good. 🙂

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