WEEK 1 Continues

A Blessed Day

Written Feb 19, 2012 4:12pm by Hillary Sirmon

Today, Benjamin, K.C., and I were visited by Father Brouillet and Deacon Ted. We had been so anxious for Benjamin to be baptized, and as soon as Father Bru found out about him, he hurried over. (thanks Erin) Not only was Benjamin baptized, he also received the Sacrement of First Communion and of Confirmation. 🙂 Earlier in the day, Benjamin’s O2 sats were around 90 (100 is perfect), but the entire time Fr. Bru and Deacon Ted were here they stayed at 98-100.Benjamin has had a great day, tolerating the change of the vent settings well. He was given a small amount of milk, and so far no problems. Benjamin has even had a dirty diaper. Oh, the things in which we previously took advantage. :)Please everyone continue with your prayers. They are truly working.

Hard to say Goodnight

Written Feb 19, 2012 11:15pm by Hillary Sirmon

Benjamin continued to do well with the lower settings on the vent today. He was able to tolerate changes in position a little better without having to increase his oxygen levels.  He is such a little fighter.

Currently, Benjamin does not move very much, but hopefully as he starts to breath easier, all of that will change.  He is a little swollen (as you can tell in the previous picture) and he is being checked for jaundice tomorrow morning along with some additional tests.
Benjamin is being well taken care of by the nurses, receiving a gel pillow to lay on and small temporary soft splints for his hands and wrists. I think he is a little spoiled… and I love it.
I was so in hopes that saying goodnight every night would get a little easier, but I was wrong.  Though it has only been a few days, it truly feels like weeks.  We know he is in great hands, but I would rather him be in our hands.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Written Feb 20, 2012 12:07pm by Hillary Sirmon

Benjamin had another good night last night and is much less swollen this morning. He is actively breathing about everything other breath, when yesterday, he was actively breathing about one in every 5 breaths. The doctor increased his feeds today from 1cc every 12 hours to 1cc every 6 hours.

We had our first visit today with Dr. Africk (neurologist) and she was very optimistic. Since she saw no other major signs of genetic or neurological problems, her first impression is that Benjamin’s contractures at his hands and feet are from limited movement in the womb due to his environment. She will continue to monitor him until he is off the vent for additional testing.

At this point, we are waiting on genetics and working on getting Benjamin off nitrous and the vent. Please continue to pray for Benjamin.

Blessed by Fr. Seelos

Written Feb 20, 2012 6:52pm by Hillary Sirmon

Ms. Monica from Fr. Seelos’s Shrine came by today to pray with K.C. over Benjamin. She shared her story about how she was healed from a brain aneurysm with prayers to Fr. Seelos. We hoped to be just as fortunate.

Benjamin had another Echo today of his heart and it showed mild pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart). This is something they will continue to monitor. His heart is shunting some blood between the walls of the heart, but we are hoping this should slow down as the pressure in his heart decreases.

Benjamin continues to fight along making KC and me so proud. The doctors think he should be ready to start Occupational therapy tomorrow which makes me very happy. The passive movements in his ankles and wrists have already improved just from the range of motion that the nurses and KC and I have performed.

I feel that most mornings I am very optimistic and positive, but I tend to lose some strength as the day goes on. It must go along with us leaving him at night. We did however, have a better day and Benjamin moved his fingers around my finger for the first time. Thanks for your unending prayers.


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