Just Can’t Stay Away

Last week, Benjamin had a wonderful time in the country spending most of his days completely off the supplemental oxygen. He enjoyed a little of the outdoors, sat poolside, and watched the Olympics from couch to couch.

With Benjamin, we know that taking him out of his home can be risky, but it is a risk that KC and I agree to take so that Benjamin can enjoy life and have new experiences. What kind of life can you have without them?

Sunday, Benjamin started with a runny nose and by this morning, the nurse and I were speeding down Hwy 90 with flashers trying to quickly get to the pediatrician. (Without my purse or my brain) I even passed people on the Huey P Long Bridge. Scary! Benjamin was sluggish, and working very hard to breath. I am a very optimistic person so when the pediatrician came in to notify me that she was admitting Benjamin, I was shocked. Apparently, Benjamin’s left lung was barely functioning. After the tears started flowing (mine and Benjamin’s nurse) and being reassured he would be ok, my next thought was “what did I do wrong?” “Should I have done more?” I guess I could drive myself crazy with that, so for now I focus on Benjamin. After waiting an hour to get a room, Benjamin was put in the bed on the pediatric floor and was not looking well. Multiple doctors arrived debating in admitting him to the Intensive Care Unit, but the decision was made to stay put. Since then, they have increased the support from the vent and started antibiotics. He is already moving more, grabbing the tubes around him, and trying to assist with suctioning.

So now, Benjamin and I sit in peace and quiet waiting for his next treatments and another x ray at 9. Please pray for my little buddy, and we hope to be home soon. Until then, I get to hang out with my favorite little guy. I really can’t complain. 🙂



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