Let’s Here It for Good Vocal Cords

Benjamin and I are patiently waiting in recovery to return to his room. He tolerated the procedure nicely and they were able to clean out the path to his left lung. In this process we have discovered three things… 1. The mucus plug wasn’t very large meaning it doesn’t take much for this to happen and 2. Benjamin has bronchomalacia which means the walls of the tubes leading to his lungs are weak. Our pulmonologist was impressed that we had not been back to the hospital for this already. Well, I guess we will be sending him on some very nice family vacations in the future. He says that this should improve with age and growth… he also forgot to mention prayer… And 3. I also asked if he saw any physical reason that would keep Benjamin from talking and he said NO, and that his vocal cords looked surprisingly good. Yay! I dream of the day we can talk about trucks, superheroes, and girls. 🙂

On another good note, Benjamin continues to look relaxed and comfortable except when his nose starts to get stuffy. This is easily recognizable by steadily rubbing his nose. He finally started smiling again right before he went back for the scope. Oh, how I missed that smile.

Tomorrow, we have an x-ray in the morning, and if the lung has cleared, then we may possibly be able to go home. The pulmonologist thinks we may be able to better manage the bronchomalacia with higher vent settings. Sounds like a good plan to me.



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