On Our Way Home

Around eleven this morning, our physician came in with a big smile on his face. He asked me if I would like to see the x-ray, and of course I did. I anxiously awaited the results, when up popped up an x-ray of a child with two functional lungs. “Is that Benjamin?” and yes it was. Benjamin’s left lung was completely opened at the top, with only a small amount of atelectasis at the base. This would account for Benjamin’s increased movement and constant smiling. So now we are on our way home, ready to get back to our normal and crazy schedule. Thanks for all the prayers.



2 thoughts on “On Our Way Home

  1. Hi SIrmon Family!
    I know a lot can change in a month, but I got all teary reading what happened these past few (but what I’m sure seemed like never-ending) weeks! I’m so happy Ben is doing better and back at home now! Can’t wait to see him Friday! Sweet Dreams Little Man!
    p.s. I made sure to say a prayer for Ben in St. Peter’s Basilica during our visit (no better place to expedite prayers, right?)

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