Why Us :)

Benjamin is home and continuing to get stronger everyday. He has perfected sticking out his tongue, and is able to activate some of his toys. He appears to be very happy to be back home with his crazy sisters. Two of his therapists have seen him this week, and they both agree Benjamin has not loss any of his motor ability. Yay! Thanks so much for all your prayers while Benjamin was in the hospital. Also over the past few days, I have been able to look at pictures, and I have read messages from the Milestones to Miracles Celebration. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family. The generosity of this community is amazing.

Having Benjamin has changed me, and given me a new appreciation for life. One of my closest friends asked me the other day if I was taking time for myself… A time to cry. Maybe I haven’t because I really don’t have time, but I also don’t feel sad or feel sorry for ourselves. I never ask God “why me?,” unless I am asking “why me, why us?” “why are we so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing and inspirational child.” I think this may be hard for people to understand until you spend time with Benjamin. Now, I can’t say that I don’t ever get overwhelmed or frustrated with things sometimes, but name one mom who doesn’t. Frustration happens when I am trying to get Benjamin in and out of a car while untwisting circuits, monitoring his o2 and sats, and trying not to tip over a stroller. This frustration is only brief, and I am quickly reminded I would rather do all this than not be able to have Benjamin to take with me. We all face challenges raising children. Our challenges are just a little more unique, but manageable.

Today brings new obstacles… Preparing for hurricane evacuations. I don’t believe this hurricane should be a problem for us, but when your child is dependent on electricity, you make sure you are prepared for anything, and we are prepared!

A funny story from the Sirmon’s: Lennon arrived at school today greeted by her Aunt Erin. Erin was asking Lennon how everyone was doing. In the middle of the discussion, Lennon stopped, looked at Erin, and said, “you need a baby with a tube!” After laughing, I realized that Lennon doesn’t look at Benjamin either as someone to feel sorry for. She only looks at him like he is very special and everyone needs a baby just like him. 🙂


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