Benjamin’s First Evacuation

Friday afternoon, we started to get our plan together for a possible evacuation. Hurricane evacuation with a family is difficult for anyone, but having one child dependent on electricity and a husband who has to stay for work makes it a little more interesting. Friday and Saturday, our plan was to stay put making the move to a nearby hospital if absolutely necessary. Plans changed when we woke up Sunday morning with Hurricane Isaac making his way to our front door. After talking, thinking, praying, and brainstorming, we decided to leave. Hours later, we were loaded in the car with Honey at the helm, making our way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This seemed like the best choice considering accommodations, emergency services, and close proximity to Ochsner Hospital in case of an emergency. Lucky for us, (not others) it appears the storm continues to move further west by the hour. I guess we will see. All I can do now is make sure back up batteries are ready, conserve Benjamin’s oxygen supply, and enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it. We do miss KC, but he is back at home cleaning up the yard, taking care of the dog, and most importantly, moving breast milk to a generator supported freezer. 🙂 I pray that we will all return home soon.



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