Camp Hattiesburg

Seven years ago, I sat in front of the television diligently moving from station to station worried I might miss something about Hurricane Katrina. At that time, I had a new condo in New Orleans. I had signed the papers on it just four weeks before. The stress of worrying about my condo took a toll on me and my relationships with others. Crazy does not even begin to describe my reaction at the time.

Seven years later, I find myself watching cartoons with the kids or cruising Pinterest in my free time. My new appreciation for the important things in life keeps me calm and at a relatively low stress level considering the circumstances. Yes, we may return to our home with damage, but all I can say is it’s just stuff. The most important things to me are safe and out of harm… My family.

I try to treat this time like a little family vacation. Lennon, Isla, and Benjamin are really enjoying every minute with their cousins, and I am enjoying every minute being with the kids. Benjamin hangs out all day in the living room, and I love watching all the kids taking turns laying next to him and interacting with him. Benjamin is all smiles.

So far we have not had any bad weather here, but if we do, we are prepared. No point in worrying when you have done all you can do to get ready for every situation. So until the weather passes, and we can return home, I will enjoy every minute of our “little family vacation” at Camp Hattiesburg, not worrying about “the stuff” we left behind. I pray everyone is safe and out of harms way.



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