Evacuation to Vacation

Thanks to our wonderful
accommodations, our evacuation seemed more like a vacation. Benjamin and the girls enjoyed every minute with their cousins, and I enjoyed time with my wonderful hosts as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

On our way to Hattiesburg, we received many calls from family worried that we were headed right into the hurricane’s path. Not once was I concerned. The decision to head to Mississippi was made after serious thought and prayer. As we sat inside watching the light wind blow and rain fall, we all felt very blessed to have dodged the storm and power outages. I thought the Hattiesburg area had completely missed the hurricane; however, after watching the news, it seemed like we were in the only area that truly missed the storm. Surrounding areas had trees down, power outages, and flooding. It was almost as though an umbrella had been held over our home for protection from the storm. A power outage would have raised everyone’s stress level a bit with Benjamin in the house. I am sure there is a little pressure when you take in our family. ๐Ÿ™‚

On our way home, we made a stop to see Benjamin’s pulmonologist for a follow-up appointment after the hospital admit. He was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful Benjamin’s lungs sounded, and he felt there was no need for another x-ray. Thank goodness, because I am waiting for Benjamin to start glowing from all the radiation. Lennon and Dr. Urrego did have some interesting talks about Justin Beiber.

We have all settled in and Benjamin looks great. He has been off supplemental oxygen since we arrived back into Louisiana, and he continues to show progress. Last night, after I suctioned Benjamin’s nose, he started to tear up a little. (He hates nasal suctioning.) I started to walk out to get his food, and I stopped when I heard Benjamin crying quietly. Now this is not a normal baby cry, but it was some sort of vocal sound. Most mothers would be upset, but I was thrilled. I listened to such a wonderful sound for just a minute before I picked him up to calm him. To be able to know when he is upset, other than when I am staring right at him, would be wonderful. I eagerly look forward to the day I can rely on Benjamin to let me know when he needs me, and not just have to rely on a monitor.

Though we were able to miss damage from the hurricane, I have friends who did not. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin the recovery process.



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