Ptosis and Strabismus

Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, Benjamin missed his long awaited opthalmology appointment. Luckily, when I called on Tuesday, they had an opening in the afternoon, so we loaded Benjamin in the car and headed to Ochsner. I am not sure what I was expecting from this appointment, but I do know I wasn’t expecting the recommendations we received. We are completely aware of Benjamin’s eye problems. The problems are from weakened muscles that open his eyelids (ptosis) and control his eye movements (strabismus). I wasn’t going in expecting or wanting surgery for Benjamin, but instead was looking for a non-invasive treatment.

The doctor came in and immediately starting talking about Benjamin’s lengthy medical history. (yes, I am aware…) He then proceeded to evaluate Benjamin noting everything we already knew. At that time, he once again, noted Benjamin’s medical history and the ventilator, (thanks for reminding me…) and said he wouldn’t recommend any surgery at this time. He continued with talking about how in most cases this needs to be taken care as soon as possible, but looking a the whole picture, (once again noting his lengthy history and ventilator) surgery is not necessary at this time. I then asked about other treatments, glasses, eye patching, drops, and he stated, “they never work” and “it would be too much trouble.” DID HE JUST SAY THAT? These treatments would be the easiest part of our day. He concluded saying that he wants to see him back in a year to evaluate him again… I know he was thinking “if he makes it that long.” Maybe I am reading too much into this, but I am usually very optimistic when it comes to Benjamin’s doctors and appointments. This one just has not been sitting right with me.

Tomorrow, I start researching other ophthalmologists and optometrists. I only want Benjamin surrounded by people who believe he can beat the odds. We are not at the “make him comfortable” stage, we are at the “help him be whatever he wants to be” stage. Thanks for the evaluation, but we move on. 🙂


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