Growing Up

This past week has been full of milestones. Where do we even begin…

Last Friday, Benjamin was measured for a wheelchair and bath chair. He is growing longer, much faster than wider, and will only be able to use his bouncer, bath tub, and car seat a few more months. The wheelchair is adorable, and will be able to hold all of Benjamin’s equipment. Once we have the van altered and Benjamin has his chair, the sky is the limit. Oh the places we will go!

Wednesday, Benjamin was able to start back with Speech therapy at Tulane. Almost a month has passed since his last visit when he was fit with the passy-muir valve. This valve keeps air from blowing out through the ventilator circuit, and forces it to pass through his mouth and nose. Once again, Benjamin amazes us and tolerates the valve for 30 minutes. He showed increased swallowing, mouth and tongue movement, and a slight increase in vocal sounds. Maybe because he is just amazing, or maybe because I don’t set ridiculous goals for Benjamin, but he continues to attack every task head on and never disappoints. 🙂 We returned today for speech and Benjamin amazed me once again with a significant increase in vocalizations. You can hear the sweetest and softest little sound between tiger growls.

All of Benjamin’s therapists continue to see progress every week. He is able to hold his arms over his chest and head longer when reclined back, and it even looks like he is waving.

I also tackled our issue with ophthalmology. Since I decided we only work with people that will fight along side Benjamin, we have another appointment this week with an optometrist for another opinion. This optometrist deals with visual issues emphasizing therapeutic techniques. Though this treatment is commonly not supported by physicians, we are going to give it a try. The eye is controlled by muscles, and as a therapist, it only makes sense to give it a try. I am anxious I hear her opinion.

Now, the entire family is loaded in the car and we are headed back to Mississippi. I have never been one to stay at home too long, so I have been looking forward to this trip, a relaxing weekend with family. Unfortunately, the relaxing part had been delayed a bit since I forgot two important cords to Benjamin’s equipment and detours had to be made. Never a dull moment.



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