Mommy’s Milestones

As I sit outside on this beautiful Saturday morning, the silence (except for hearing the kids yelling down the street) gives me a chance to think about how blessed I am and to thank God for everything he has given us. (especially the breeze this morning) 🙂 Our busy and crazy life has slowly transitioned into our new normal and I am enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes it can be tough, but I am determined to always find the silver lining. Benjamin, Isla, and Lennon make that much easier. As time has gone on, I have been able to involve Benjamin a little more into our daily lives. What is my mommy milestone? It may not sound like much, but for someone who likes to go when she wants, this is huge. Sunday, after all our friends were heading back from the Saints game, (moment of silence) they decided to stop and eat. KC was going to come on home, but instead I said go and we will meet you there. I had never traveled alone with Benjamin. I had discussed this multiple times with the nurse, but just couldn’t brave it. Benjamin was by far the easiest to get ready as I gritted my teeth chasing Isla around with shoes, and listening to her contagious giggle. That girl is a mess. The ride was thankfully uneventful. By the time I made it to the restaurant, I felt fine; however, a friend pointed out my trembling hands. I guess I was a little more nervous than I thought. Not only did we make it without a problem, I have braved traveling short distances again with Benjamin. He has no idea what he is getting into and where we may go next! 🙂



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