Joyful Noises

Last week, Benjamin was able to take his speaking valve home. He has tolerated it so well, and is able to wear it over an hour. I usually only remove the valve because he has fallen asleep. Benjamin has been gradually working on making the sounds louder. Over the weekend, I was able to hear him cooing while he watched football, and I was in the kitchen. Joyful noises! The valve not only helps Benjamin make sounds, but it also assists in bringing more awareness to his mouth and tongue. Benjamin’s new trick is that he makes kissing sounds. This is the cutest thing. We make him do this all day. The best part about this is knowing that if he can get his lips together to smack, then he should be able to get his lips together to say mama!

Wednesday, Benjamin saw an optometrist. She was wonderful. She assessed Benjamin’s eyes, noting, but not focusing on the ventilator. She gave us great therapeutic techniques to work on Benjamin’s strabismus. He will continue to see the optometrist every 6 months to update the treatment and assess for progress. She is on Benjamin’s team. 🙂

Overall, Everything has been great, but we did have to take Benjamin to the pediatrician. He was having some episodes where he would be really red, then completely white, as well as, increased fluid at his soft spot. So far, the thought is that he is on too much blood pressure medication, so we are giving half doses. Benjamin already looks much better.



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