Needing a Sign

After a little bit of a rough day yesterday, I laid in the bed and prayed. I have read a few motivational books since Benjamin has been born, and it seems like all of them were stories where people had signs from God that helped them move along. I believe whole heartily in God, Jesus, and everything he represents, but as I thanked him last night for everything he has done for us, I selfishly asked for a sign… A sound, a vision, a touch to let me know he was with me and that I was making the right choices for Benjamin and our family. While praying, I fell asleep before my ending sign of the cross.

I woke up this morning like every other day. Dressed Lennon for school, fed the girls, and waited for Benjamin’s nurse. Isla, Benjamin, his nurse, and I traveled to Tulane where Benjamin performed much better today, with a little help from a bit of applesauce. We then made a special trip to Toys-r-us to buy Benjamin some new toys (he has been a little difficult to motivate) and Isla a surprise for potty-training. (no accidents today) From there, we went to the park…Benjamin’s first time. 🙂 I played with Isla sliding down slides and chasing her across the grass. To be honest, I have always just watched the girls at the park, and not really been too involved. I stopped for a moment to watch Isla slide (I couldn’t fit in this one 🙂 ), and I started to swing as high as I could… I am not sure of the last time I was in a swing. As I swung higher, grinning from ear to ear, I realized this was my sign. The entire day was a sign. It just took a child-like moment to realize this. God had helped me get over the previous day, allowed me to enjoy and appreciate every moment of today, and reminded me that through the storm comes the sun. God is always here for us, he is always reminding us, we just have to be open for his messages.



One thought on “Needing a Sign

  1. hi miss hillary!
    little benjamin sure looks like a love. such gorgeous eyelashes!
    thinking of you, your superwoman ways, and your adorable family. hopefully someday soon we’ll meet again, perhaps there will even be triplets involved!
    much love,

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