First PICU Admit

Mom is officially not crazy! Benjamin’s head size yesterday measured significantly larger than his previous measurement and he is officially above all the percentage lines >95 percent. An ultrasound today showed “large” ventricles in the brain, which means Benjamin’s brain (for a reason unknown at this time) is not draining the fluid as it should and this causes his head to grow larger since the skull’s growth plates are not fused yet.

Due to the rapid increase in size, Benjamin was admitted to the PICU at Ochsner. His head grew over a centimeter since yesterday. Sounds like some scary stuff, but I believe all of this can be corrected. We will continue to remain positive until we are given reason to be otherwise. Every now and then I can work a little smile out of him even though he must feel pretty yucky. Please keep Benjamin in your prayers.



2 thoughts on “First PICU Admit

  1. Hillary, when I search for comfort and understanding, I am led to read the Word. After reading about Benjamin’s most recent challenge I was again led to the Word and this is what I was shown.

    Ephesians 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children;

    Benjamin is filled with God’s light as are we all. It is God’s light that you feel when you gaze into your children’s eyes and it is God’s light that they see in your loving expressions to them. Absorb all the light that you can, it is a gift to you and your family. It is also a reminder of God’s promise to those who choose the path toward him, that we will have an eternal fountain of that light one day.

    Always remember that your family is in the continual thoughts and prayers of many others who understand how difficult your path may be. Imitate your beloved child and allow God’s light to flow freely, it is the closest thing to heaven on earth that we have.

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