Consents are signed, Benjamin is ready, and the surgery is in the books for 9:30 tomorrow. The past 24 hours have been relatively uneventful expect for a little grimacing and crying when changing the position of his head. (And the Saints won!) Last night when we turned his head from the right to the left, Benjamin cried hard enough to make a little sound. After some Tylenol, he fell asleep and slept the rest of the night except for a bath at 4 am. Interesting time I know.

I am very optimistic that after the shunt placement, Benjamin will continue on his path of Miracles and Milestones, and we will look back at this like a small bump in the road. I was told today that after the surgery, he (a doctor) wasn’t sure how much more movement Benjamin would gain. (another comment saying all this is from the myopathy) Well, once again sir, thanks for your input, but I am going to ignore that comment that really didn’t need to be made at all. I believe they think that I will expect Benjamin to be doing cartwheels on Tuesday. I do not have ridiculous expectations, but I could imagine the amount of fluid in his head would affect his development. However, if Benjamin does perform a cartwheel, that doctor will not be the first person I will call. 🙂

Please say extra prayers tonight and tomorrow for Benjamin and his physicians. The surgery should take about an hour, and during that time, I will be loading up on chocolate and coffee. Stress Eating. God bless Benjamin.



2 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. Doctors look at science and statistics,,they don’t look at our kids thru our eyes and our faith!..God keep Benjamin safe and give his dr’s the wisdom to do their jobs…..Keep us posted and TRY TO GET A LIL SLEEP!

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