From Expectations To Reality

Benjamin is sleeping peacefully, and all I can do is stare at him. He is absolutely beautiful, and such a physical representation of how wonderful our God truly is. Like I said previously, I did not have unrealistic expectations, but I knew we would see improvements, just didn’t expect them this quick. Benjamin opened his eyes briefly before being whisked away to CT scan, and I immediately noticed improvement in HIS left eye strabismus (turn out). Usually, to make Benjamin bring his left eye in towards his nose, I have to cover the right eye. Today, when Benjamin opened his eyes, they were both looking right at me. It’s obvious that they are not perfectly aligned, but there is a definite improvement. I know it is not very Christian like, but I can’t wait to see “the doctor” that told me he wasn’t sure if there would be any changes. I might get his email and send updates. Maybe that is going a little far. 🙂

Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts. We couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) make this journey without our friends and family.



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