Miracle to Milestone

Benjamin continued to amaze us yesterday as he became more alert after surgery. His eyes continued to improve, his tongue fasciculations (tremors) stopped, and he made one very big milestone. Over the past month, I have worked very hard trying to find toys that were of a perfect size and weight for Benjamin. Every toy either seemed too big or too heavy for him to pick up. Yesterday, I placed one of his toys in his right hand. I turned my head for a second, and when I turned back around, Benjamin was bringing up his toy off the bed. He didn’t just do this once or twice, he bicep curled that toy multiple times. I yelled at KC, and grabbed my camera. My excitement exceeds what you would expect to feel to see your child walk or crawl for the first time since deep down we were not really sure if he would ever be able to pick up a toy.

I sit and stare at him wanting to wake him up, so anxious of what today might hold.



2 thoughts on “Miracle to Milestone

  1. Hillary, I read your Journal and it brings tears to my eyes..Tears of joy..so many times I remember those feelings that you are experiencing…FAITH is so much better than Science HUH! Love ready about Benjamin everyday!

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