The Journey

Presents are wrapped, batteries are bought, and a few toys have already been played with. (Wish I could insert a pic of KC with the Princess Mic stand). Christmas just isn’t Christmas until you see it through the eyes of a child. I am so excited that I am having trouble going to sleep.

Of course, our Christmas week didn’t start as planned. After a night of cleaning throw up (Isla), and today wiping down Benjamin with a cool rag to bring down his fever, we are finally on the mend and ready for Santa. In previous years, I have always been so ready to skip to Christmas Day and to get to opening presents. (Yes, I am a little spoiled) This year has been completely different.

I read a quote earlier in the month and I am paraphrasing, but it talked about realizing that some of the best moments are found on the journey, not just at the destination. Though cleaning up after sick children is never glamorous, and I had to miss a few Christmas events because of it, I really enjoyed spending the extra time with the kiddos I would have missed otherwise. Yesterday was actually the first time that I was able to enjoy a 5 hour car ride with the kids. I was not in a rush to our destination, stressed about time, and concerned about how fast or slow KC drove. I was actually able to enjoy the journey, more in tune to Lennon’s and Isla’s funny comments, as well as, sweet glances and light conversation with KC while the kids napped. I repeatedly stepped back, took in the moment with a mental picture, and thanked God for every second I have with this awesome family of mine. Remember… it is what happens on our journey that eventually determines our destination.



One thought on “The Journey

  1. So true! And it’s a lesson learned when life makes you slow down. It’s safe to say we both understand! Merry Christmas Hillary–what a great woman you are!

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