Christmas Virus Update

Though we are still waiting on a lab confirmation for a bacterial infection, the decision was made to go ahead and start antibiotics. It looks as though there are signs of pneumonia in the left lung on xray. Physicians will only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary to avoid Benjamin becoming resistant, but since Benjamin hasn’t showed much improvement today, we agreed to go ahead. Benjamin slept most of the day, only opening his eyes briefly during treatments or feedings, and then going right back to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow, we will see bigger improvements.

I have always believed that people are put in your life for a reason. I also believe that God knows just what he is doing when he nudges us to send a message to someone or make a call. Every time I feel a little down, it seems as though I get a call or message from someone that brightens my day. Today, sitting alone in the hospital with Benjamin, I read a poem that made me cry and made me smile. This poem was written by an aunt (Lisa Nicole) of another little boy (Luke) that happens to have Myotubular myopathy. His mom (Diana) reposted it today on his fifth birthday. 🙂



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