The Christmas Virus

Boy were we wrong when we thought everyone was recovering from their illnesses. Today, instead of a Christmas wreath, our door at Ochsner holds PPE (personal protective equipment).

After Isla’s episode Saturday night and Benjamin’s fever Monday, soon started Lennon at 3 am Christmas morning and a one time repeat performance from Isla. Isla slept through Christmas morning and Lennon slept through Christmas lunch.

Wednesday, everyone looked to be healthy, and we headed back home from the country after a wonderful Christmas celebration. Healthy, we were not. That night, KC started to get sick and by the next day, it was my turn. (We just knew we had beaten it) With no nurse on Thursday, Lennon and Isla went to daycare, and Benjamin and I laid around the house. I literally laid down while feeding him. I could barely stand. Benjamin slept most of the day. I was a little concerned, but since he had fever the day before, I figured he was just recuperating. Well, around 8 we went to wake him up to feed him and he wouldn’t open his eyes. He was very pale and lethargic. I immediately made the decision to take him to the ER and we were on our way.

After multiple tests and numerous attempts at an IV site, he finally received some fluids and started to open his eyes briefly. He was back! We were moved into a room around 1 am and are waiting for more test results. Right now, we are assuming that Benjamin has the same stomach virus as the rest of us (and now extended family. Sorry.), but they are running additional tests to make sure that everything else looks ok. I was told we will be going home when Benjamin gets closer to baseline.

We pray for a speedy recovery to ring in the New Year.



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