Holiday Transfer to PICU

Last night around 11 pm, I noticed That Benjamin looked a little pale. He only had slight changes in heart rate and sats, but a momma knows when something is wrong. I called in the nurse to come assess Benjamin, and along came an army of people in scrubs and white coats. It is nice to be heard, and listened to. As soon as they pulled back the blanket to listen to his chest, I knew by the flatness of his left chest wall that his lung had collapsed. The residents listened, and called in for a chest x-ray. After the X-ray, the resident called me over to take a look at it, and just what I had feared, the lung had collapsed. She called PICU, and we were quickly transferred. He was placed on the hospital vent, and settings were slightly adjusted. (Increased the PEEP-positive end expiratory pressure)

Benjamin’s color looks a little better, but he is still sleeping all day. There was no change in the lung this morning on X-ray. They will continue various techniques to try to pop the lung back open. Please keep him in your prayers. It is so hard to watch him sleep all day, and I am so ready to see that smile.



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