Flip, Beat, Suction, Repeat

During Benjamin’s 8 am feed, he started to look a little agitated and pale. Since his heart rate was hitting 190, I called in the nurse. She immediately called in assistance and they began bagging and suctioning Benjamin. For about 20 minutes (felt like eternity), they suctioned getting up thick and yucky secretions. Thinking they got most of it and needing to give Benjamin a break, they put him back on the vent. Within seconds, Benjamin’s sats began to drop. They called in the physician and people came jogging down the hall. They began bagging and suctioning for another 20 minutes or so sucking out more sticky and yucky secretions. They would flip him, beat his chest, and suction, then repeat. This time they were able to put him back on the vent comfortably. Another x-ray was taken, and with all the suctioning, beating, and flipping, the top of his lung has opened some. Everyone was amazed. Hopefully, now the lung can begin to open up. If not, they plan on doing a bronchoscope (tube down trach to lungs to clean everything out) tomorrow.

Benjamin looks exhausted, but maybe now with a clearer airway, he can rest a little easier.



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