Open Sesame

Another chest X-ray was taken at 5 this morning. (Why all chest X-rays must be taken between 4 and 5 am in the PICU is a mystery to me.) At 6, the nurse woke me up and asked if I wanted to see the X-ray. I jumped up knowing it must be good news. They don’t want to SHOW you the bad news. They start that off with “the look” followed by “the sigh.” The computer screen showed yesterday’s X-ray next to today’s and YES, the lung is open. Start the Choir, release the doves, and dance. AMEN! Today, we will be staying in the PICU with the higher vent settings and aggressive chest treatments, but hopefully tomorrow, we will try to get back to the regular settings on his home vent. We thank you so much for all the prayers!



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