The First Birthday List of Miracles To Milestones

So what does an awesome one year old do? Well, at one year old, Benjamin is now able to…

1. Smile
2. Cry
3. Blow kisses
4. Blow raspberries (my favorite)
5. Reach toys within an arms length while reclined
4. Shake small toys
6. Clap his hands
7. Wear his passy valve all day
8. Dance with his shoulders and a slight hip thrust 🙂
9. Lick his lips
10. Reach for things covered by his diaper 🙂
11. Growl
12. Coo
13. Slightly turn his head
14. Sit in his wheelchair
15. Hold his head with support at his shoulders for 30 seconds
16. Vocalize when he is mad or happy
17. Wave
18. Activate toys
19. Beat the odds
20. Make hundreds of people fall in love with him without saying a word
21. Strengthen a family and community

I know this year will hold even more wonderful miracles and milestones, but today we celebrate Benjamin and the battles he has fought and won. We enjoyed a small get together with the neighbors, even entertaining Benjamin with a little “Just Dance 3.” As you can tell by his face, Benjamin enjoyed this cupcake much more than the last one.




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