Saturday, we decided to go to Mass in the afternoon, allowing a lazy Sunday morning with no plans or schedule. Unfortunately, we were a little late and a little underdressed, but most importantly, we were there. If we don’t already attract enough attention coming in late with a large wheelchair carrying its own motor, Lennon was very inquisitive on this day, and not very quiet. First off, Father prayed for someone with the first name Dorothy. Just when you think they do not pay attention, Lennon announces “he just said Dorothy” (Wizard of Oz). I really didn’t try to convince her otherwise.

Later on, the word “Heaven” was mentioned. Lennon looked at me with such concern and said, “I don’t want to go to Heaven, I want to stay here.” After trying to talk with Lennon quietly about Heaven and how wonderful it will be, and that hopefully, we will all be there someday, she still wasn’t convinced. I then looked at Benjamin and said, “Lennon, Benjamin will be able to walk and breath in Heaven.” That did it. Heaven is definitely OK now and she was very excited. Next came the conversation about who goes first. This is really not something I wanted to get into in the middle of church so my reply was, “Usually Lennon, older people go first.” I thought I had a successful “Mommy moment,” until an elderly couple walked out of church and Lennon announced that “they need to go to Heaven, they are OLD!” FAIL!

Our discussions of Heaven have continued over the past few days, but tonight it was brought back to Benjamin. Benjamin’s speech therapist left three packs of candy for the girls. I told Lennon they could each have one, and we would save the other for later. Lennon agreed, then looked at me with such innocence and said, “Let’s save the last one for when Benjamin goes to Heaven. He will be able to eat it then.” Success! Maybe I didn’t do too bad of a job.



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