The Smart Vest

Benjamin received another new piece of equipment Friday…The Smart Vest. (Between Benjamin’s equipment and the new Barbi obsession in our house, we our pushing the boundaries of our small house.) This machine helps loosen up the mucus in his lungs so we can suction it out. It mimics a cough, and since Benjamin’s coughs are very weak, this machine is a necessity. Immediately after the machine started, Benjamin had a huge smile on his face and he started patting the belt. Even though his entire body shakes, he loves it. The respiratory therapist with the company said she rarely gets a reaction like this. Benjamin, being such a boy, loves a little roughhousing (as much as we can while protecting limbs), and this machine gives him a little of that.

Therapy continues to go really well, and we continue to see progress with his head control and with his voice production. He can now let us know when he is a little uncomfortable, and wants to be adjusted or moved. If he lays in one position too long, he will start cooing loud enough for you to hear him. As soon as you adjust him, he stops. Huge accomplishment.



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