The Good Fight

For Lent, I gave up my usual… cookies, cakes, and desserts, but I also started going to daily Mass. I felt like I could use some time for prayer, reflection, and a little peace and quiet. 🙂 Each morning, I feel as though the message is written just for me, but maybe, just maybe, I work the message into my daily life. 🙂 This morning, once again, something stuck. Romans 8:28, “All things work for good for those who love God.” The closeness that I now feel with God, came from a place where I felt lonely, depressed, and desperate. He brought me out and showed me the blessings that we all have. It’s unfortunate that it takes a rough road to put us back on the path, but I think sometimes we must experience this to acknowledge and except the gifts we have been given.

Another mom blogged that the path of a family with a child with medically fragile needs is at times, rough, lonely, and hard to maneuver. She also wrote that we must travel so slowly down this rough road that we are able to see the beautiful things around us…the sun, the birds, the trees. Even though at times I feel like this road parallels a roller coaster where you must feel the extreme lows to experience the extreme highs, our road has slowed me down allowing me to experience things I took advantage of before. We must not forget that we are never alone, even though we may feel lonely during our rough and low times, and we must patiently wait for the new day.

The meditation for Mass today ended with this prayer…”Father, I surrender my life into your hands. When I get weary of fighting the good fight, lift me up and hide me in your presence. Keep me safe until I am able to praise and thank you once again.”

I really find comfort in “hiding in his presence” during the tough times, waiting for the joyful times. We are so blessed to have had so many joyful moments lately, but the message today helps to prepare me for any rough roads we may have in the future.


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