MDA Muscle Walk and Eskimo Kisses

Saturday, our team of 41 walkers raised $2,311 for MDA at the 2013 MDA Muscle Walk. Team Miracles to MILEStones second lined around Zephyrs field in honor of Benjamin and his buddy Jackson. We were happy to help support the MDA since MDA helps fund research for Myotubular Myopathy, as well as, provides support locally to families. MDA was able to connect us with the Good Life Foundation to help transform our van.

The day could not have been more beautiful. Everyone had a wonderful time, except poor Isla whenever anyone in a costume came by, and there were a lot of them. We were surrounded by adorable children of all abilities and extremely supportive family and friends. To top the day off, Benjamin learned to shake his head “no” to be able to give eskimo kisses to his Daddy. A friend of ours reached down to tickle Benjamin, and he shook his head “no.” Loved it!

Thanks to everyone who donated money and a special thank you to all those who woke up on a Saturday to spend the morning with us. It takes a village, and I am so proud of the village that supports us. 🙂









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