“The Lucky One”

It was another busy weekend for the Sirmons. In 2009, I took Lennon to French Quarter Fest for her first time. In 2010, I made a special trip with just Isla for her first FQF. As the tradition continued, Friday, Benjamin was taken on his own to FQF. It has become a tradition, a right if passage, to take each child alone to the festival after their birth. I am sure it means so much more to me than it does to them, but in true New Orleans fashion, I want my children to be “baptized” by the sounds of jazz, horns, and a community that can’t be replicated anywhere else. To no surprise, Benjamin loved the music. Even though he fought the fussiness of fatigue and sunscreen, he paused to clap with the rest of the crowds on cue.

Saturday, we did leave Benjamin for a bit so we could spend some special time with the girls. It is so weird not having him with me, but Lennon and Isla need a little one on one time every once in a while. I am also not quite ready yet to take Benjamin in a boat. I have ran through emergency situations over water in my head, but I am just not quite ready for that. It was such a beautiful day, and apparently, Benjamin had lots of snuggle time with his nurse.

Tonight, I took Benjamin, Lennon, and Isla to a local pageant to watch a close friend of ours. (Way to go Anna!! We are so proud!!) I am not sure why I was so surprised, but Benjamin smiled so big every time a girl walked out in a pretty dress. Our children LOVE attention, and the three of them demanded it. Lennon kindly notifies one of the women in charge that she would be in the pageant next year. We are in trouble. 🙂

Benjamin has been able to have more life experiences than most one year olds. Maybe I am crazy, maybe I am naive, or maybe I am full of faith, but I don’t live in fear for Benjamin. I am here to teach him, to love him, and to have him teach others to love. This can only happen by having him meet others, and having others meet him.

This past week, a young girl passed away from battling cancer for many years. Her friend, Jordan, wrote a beautiful song in her honor called “The Lucky One.” I try to teach Lennon and Isla not to fear death, and I think this song puts all those feelings into words. Jordan’s lyrics include “‘Cause I know your up there away from home, wrapped up in our Father’s arms, smiling down with joy in your eyes, I bet your up there taking the big Man’s hand, and strolling through the Promise Land, so live it up…, go have you some fun, because to me you are the Lucky One.”

Yes, most people may think we are crazy for bringing Benjamin out as much as we do, but keeping him locked inside is, in my opinion, selfish. When I look at him, all I see is “The Lucky One.”







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