Miracles to Milestones Playground (unofficial name)

It is with great excitement that we are ready to share what we have been working on for months now.

After Benjamin was able to come home from the NICU, and was a little less “fragile,” I started to imagine his future and his place in our family, in our community, and in this world. At some point I imagined Benjamin around three years old, asking me if he could go play with his sisters at the park. (Lennon and Isla LOVE the park.) Of course he can go to the park, but I asked myself, “What can he do there?” Right then, I knew something had to be done. We needed a place, other than home, where Benjamin and his sisters could play together. We are so lucky to have such wonderful places for our children to play here in St. Charles Parish, but I wanted a place where Benjamin could be involved… not just sit on the side and watch.

I was worried how I could convey this vision to others, but luckily, I found a parish and community that were able to see it with me. At one point, a few of us met with a builder to assess the area for the playground. Outside that day was a special education class from a near by school. I stood there with tears in my eyes as some of the higher level physically functioning children were able to maneuver the equipment with help, but there sat a child in a wheelchair watching her classmates. This was a perfect demonstration for our meeting. I couldn’t have asked for better timing, but it broke my heart and I refuse to let Benjamin sit by and have him watch the world happen around him.

We have worked with the parish, and have been given a location for a new handicap accessible playground at the East Bank Bridge Park. So at this time, we are working on the logistics of raising money for the park and will have an account set up soon. For now, updates can be found on “The Playground” tab on the Miracles to Milestones blog. I know that this community will step up as they always do to help us raise the money to have this dream become a reality. 🙂IMG_1300


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