The Ties That Bind Us Can Set Us Free…or Send Us To The Beach

Our family looked forward to this beach vacation for a month. KC works so much, and we have been so busy with school, dance, therapy, and gymnastics, that a get away is exactly what we needed. Just like any new experience though, there is always a bit of anxiety. After days of packing and preparation, we were on our way.
I assumed Benjamin wouldn’t tolerate the heat too well, and I pictured him and me sitting on the balcony all weekend. No complaints here. 🙂 Benjamin had different plans. Benjamin loved the water, loved spending time with everyone, and didn’t mind the heat thanks to the cooling pad. (Cooling pad is highly recommended)
Luckily, the resort we stayed at had amenities so wonderful that we really didn’t need to visit the beach. The past trip with the girls, we didn’t even make it to the beach. This trip, I realized that sometimes I may overcompensate trying to make sure Benjamin is able to have as many new experiences as possible. I was determined to make it to the beach. We loaded up, with tupperware in tow (recommended by fellow trach mom), and hauled it to the beach. So did Benjamin love it? He loved it so much, he slept the entire time. I think it meant more to me that he made it to the beach than it did to him.
The beach vacation was flawless, enjoyable, and even a little relaxing. I realized many things that I guess I was starting to figure out…1. We’ve got this. 2. We are not missing a thing 3. Benjamin’s equipment is now a part of the family. I now realize that I don’t even consider that Benjamin’s equipment is out of the ordinary. While sitting on the deck with Benjamin, a gentleman kept asking me something while he floated the lazy river. I kept repeating “excuse me?” when my sister in law finally realized he was asking if Benjamin was ok? She smiled and replied yes, and he asked if it was asthma. She chuckled and replied “no.” I chuckled because I am so oblivious to all the equipment now that I even thought the gentleman was “hitting” on me. Thinking about the current me compared to that extremely scared mom leaving the NICU is amazing. My past fears of never leaving our home are far behind us. We haven’t allowed equipment to change our lives or slow us down. We have embraced the equipment and appreciate all that it can do for us. My nephew at 8, is amazed that someone was able to invent such a device that can not only keep Benjamin alive, but also allow him to LIVE. Me too!!!!











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