A “Grunchy” Friday

Waking up this morning to a bad smell in the dog kennel was only the beginning in a series of incidents that pretty much put me in a “grunchy” mood (as Isla says) for the rest of the day. Not such a great morning greeting after a sleepless night of “camping out” in the living room with the kiddos. After cleaning out the kennel outside in my pajamas and watching Isla gag to the smell, I sat scanning Facebook for the decisions of the Senators and Representatives on the possibility of a veto session. I was sadly disappointed that a majority of the Senate did not stand with children and adults with disabilities. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Senators have received letters and pictures almost daily from us, and unfortunately, we received very few responses in return.

Well, the day must move on for now so we loaded Benjamin in the car and went for therapy at Tulane. On our way home, I felt it was important for me to thank our Senator for supporting the veto session. We drove straight to his office, I took a breath, and stepped inside already fighting back tears. After hearing that the Senator wasn’t in his office, I lost it and cried to the secretaries trying to let them know that we wanted him to know how thankful we were for his support. I didn’t just tear up, it was the ugly cry. I definitely think they got the point even though they probably couldn’t understand what I was saying. Oh well, I tried.

We arrived back to the house for Benjamin’s next therapy, and I decided to check the mail. This is something I quit doing on a daily basis, because it was just too aggravating. Why I chose today, I wasn’t sure, but unfortunately I did. In the mail was a medical bill. After calling, they realized they didn’t even bill our secondary insurance, but they were sorry. WHY do I have to double check and make sure everyone is doing their job. It’s tough enough doing my own. Next was Medicaid. This is July and I am still fighting for payment of one of Benjamin’s shots from January. Ughhhh. Oh and by the way, our out of state pharmacy is out of network. Of course it is. By that afternoon, I was done. Maybe it was a lack of sleep, maybe it was built up frustration, maybe it was the stress of funding the park, maybe it was the stomach ulcer that started Monday, but I was over it.

Luckily, KC knew just what we needed…a nice family dinner out. The entire way to dinner I prayed. I prayed to let everything go. I imagined myself writing on a paper every thing that is a stress right now, and then I wrinkled it up and threw it to God to handle. I know it sounds silly, but it worked. I was able to enjoy dinner, enjoy the kids, enjoy time with KC, and I was able to put everything else behind us…at least for the moment.

Today I am counting my blessings, and enjoying my family time. We took a trip to Nicholl’s to watch the college athletes at the Manning Football Camp. Benjamin loved it. It was obvious by each wave he gave each receiver that passed by him. This house is sooo ready for some football.

Though I may not be dwelling on the stresses in my life today, I am still working to resolve all of them. When you can’t change the minds of those in power, start on the playground with the youth who will someday be making all the decisions. So for now, my focus will be on the park, and hopefully this will help mold our children’s minds for better choices in the future. WE PLAY AS ONE!






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