Sharing our dream for the playground also opens the door for questions about Benjamin and his condition. Today it really hit me hard that the first question many people ask is “will he ever be able to walk?” As a pediatric physical therapist, I understand the importance of walking, and it was definitely a tough pill to swallow when we realized Benjamin would probably never be able to walk. Though I have tried my hardest to help children reach their potential physically, I never judged their success on this. Why must society decide that our success is based on how well you walk or run, when our success should be based on how many lives we have touched, and what positive changes we are able to make while we are here? In that case, Benjamin and the hundreds of kids I have had the pleasure to meet as a therapist, have accomplished more in their lives than most. They tend to use their gifts given to them by God, much more efficiently than the rest of us.

Picture is of Benjamin cheering on his sister at her soccer game.



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