FUNdraising With The Basketry

Today could not have been a more perfect day for Miracles To Milestones’ first FUNdraiser. We were truly blessed with beautiful weather, awesome food, fantastic shopping, great music, and entertaining company. I love this community more and more the longer I live here.

Benjamin truly enjoyed himself dancing to the music with all the extra attention, while Isla apparently assisted customers with their shopping, and Lennon relaxed in the hammock outside. (Lennon highly recommends the hammock.)

We want to give special thanks to Kristi Brocato and her magnificent staff at The Basketry, Quinn Dempster and Mr. Joe Bergeron for the delicious jambalaya, Scotty Bergeron for trusting us with his sound equipment, and everyone who came today to shop and show their support.

Today we raised:
$335 from the jambalaya
$72 from tips from wrapping
$530 from donations
$2500 from THE BASKETRY
For a grand total of $3,437.

Everyday we get closer to our goal, and everyday I thank God for blessing us with such supportive friends, family, and community. WE PLAY AS ONE!











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