I just realized we never shared pictures of Benjamin’s first time Trick-or-treating. Last year, Benjamin and I stayed inside because it was extremely hot outside and the mosquitos were horrible. This year, the mosquitos were still horrible, but we were determined to have all the kids go together.

After 20 minutes of pictures and layers of Off coverage, we were ready to head out. The mosquitos were unbelievable, but still determined, we continued to spray, fan, and push our way through. The girls acted like they were immune, while the adults swatted and griped…including myself. After about 45 minutes, a fantastic breeze came through, and the mosquito fog cleared. The weather was perfect, at least for about 10 minutes, before the Heavens opened, and a deluge came through. Three blocks from the house, there was no point in running, so we huddled the children under an umbrella and tried to cover Benjamin’s equipment. To say the least, I was not prepared. We made it back with equipment protected, but we were all drenched. Candy can make you forget how wet and cold you truly are.

Would we do it again?…of course. I cherish memories like this. However, I am waiting for the day for Benjamin to look at me and say, “Mom, thanks for making sure I was always included, but I really would have been ok at home.” 🙂






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