Rising Above Adversity

I know I have days where I’m exhausted, frustrated, and angry, but luckily, I have more days when I feel full of life, blessed, and everything is falling in line. A lesson I have learned recently is knowing that even when I am in my darkest days, better days are on their way. (Thanks to a little help from St. Ignatius)

Today was one of the wonderful days. I was greeted early this morning with a fantastic article on NOLA.com about Benjamin and the playground. (The article will also be in the Thanksgiving Day paper of The Times-Picayune thanks to Sheila Stroup.) I then dressed the girls and took them to my appointment for the new baby, and they were able to hear baby Rush’s heart beat. Lennon’s face was priceless. Isla was still requesting a “gurl.” We had a few more stops, lunch with friends, and then our appointment with United Way. I was a little worried bringing the girls, but thanks to a few new books, they were quite well behaved.

20131126-202819.jpgThe meeting went fantastic. Not only are we partnering with United Way of St. Charles, not only will all donations be tax-deductible, but today, we found out that United Way will be donating $10,000 towards the playground. That puts our total over $50,000.

Today, during one of my great days, it was easy to notice the wonderful things that people have accomplished while being faced with adversity. From a story about Steve Gleason, to a family collecting toys to take to Ochsner where their son spent his first Christmas, to friends planning a road trip across the United States to gift equipment and supplies that their son, who recently gained his wings, previously needed. All are people who made a decision to make a change, not to dwell in their misfortunes. The playground is our chance for this, and as we get closer to our goal, I definitely have more good days than bad. ๐Ÿ™‚ I truly believe that God doesn’t allow adversities to watch us crumble, but instead to watch us rise.

Now, I am fully aware that everyday can’t be wonderful, especially since I am now alternating Tylenol and Pediasure for Benjamin, but knowing that these days exist really do make the dark days a little brighter. I think what we choose to do at our toughest hours is where we can really make a difference. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tax- Deductible donations can now be made through United Way. Checks need to be written to United Way and list “Miracles To Milestones” in the memo area. They can be mailed to or dropped off at:

United Way of St. Charles
13207 River Road
Luling, LA 70070

They are currently working on a way for people to make online contributions.


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