Pictures With Santa

20131214-234336.jpgFor some reason, we all feel it’s necessary to drag our kiddos, most of them dressed in uncomfortable clothes, to take pictures with a complete stranger, Santa. Many of our kiddos are screaming, but sometimes these can be the best pictures. So I’ll be the first to admit, these pictures aren’t for Lennon, Isla, and Benjamin…they are for me. Each picture is a memory, an accomplishment, and a right of passage.

This week with Benjamin in the hospital, I was just a little worried we would miss our picture opportunity at church this weekend. Standing in a long line at the mall isn’t the best option for our family, so having Santa come to church is perfect.

Friday, Benjamin looked as though he was feeling a little better, so we made the decision to wake up yesterday morning and go. Benjamin’s nurse came in, and I told her we were all going to meet Santa. I could tell that she wasn’t too sure if it was the best idea, but I thought this was our last chance to take a picture with Santa. A part of me wants to think it’s all for Benjamin and that Benjamin would love to see Santa, but deep down, I know it’s all for me. We made it, took a few pics, ate a little breakfast, loaded him back up, and headed straight back home. I was a little upset that Santa couldn’t hold Benjamin, but with Benjamin not feeling well, I decided that a ten minute juggling session was probably not a great idea. Luckily, Benjamin handled it ok, and I got my picture with only a 30 minute outing.

Last night, we took the girls to see a few Christmas lights. I knew Benjamin couldn’t handle this trip, so we made it a special night for Lennon and Isla. While walking around Rivertown, I saw Santa ready for pictures. Oh my, how to handle this, since I knew Lennon and Isla would want to take another picture. My eyes started to fill with tears, mad that Benjamin wasn’t with us and thinking to myself, ‘I refuse to allow a Santa picture without Benjamin.’ Once again, I’m reminded that the pictures are mainly for me. When Lennon and Isla asked about it, I mentioned that we already talked to Santa, and that we will not be taking a picture without their brother. Because our kids are so amazing, neither of them ever disagreed or fussed, and accepted this almost as if they completely agreed. KC looked at me, commenting on how well that was handled. 🙂

So though we all know how crazy and stressful Christmas pictures with Santa truly are, we plan on continuing the tradition figuring out how no one will be left out. Next time, hopefully Benjamin will feel better, or we might look for a traveling Santa. Also, congrats to Isla…this was her first year not to cry. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pictures With Santa

  1. You “play as one”, so does your family. Saying it is one thing, living it is a completely different thing. So blessed you shared this story.

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