God’s Gifts

This Christmas season could not have been more special. We were truly blessed with so many examples of God’s love through the selflessness and generosity of others.

Saturday and Sunday, we spent the day with KC’s family eating, opening gifts, eating, watching football, eating, and celebrating Jesus’ birthday…oh and eating. It was wonderful to get Benjamin out of the house after being on lockdown for weeks with the last illness.

Monday, we received a special treat having the Serafano’s visit us from California. Their son gained his angel wings a few months ago, and they decided to travel across the country to bring some of Matteo’s equipment to share with not only Benjamin, but with other families along the way. Such a selfless and generous gift. God’s love shines through them, and their positivity is contagious. We can’t wait to get Benjamin into his new swing. 🙂 KC’s pull-up bar has really been used well since Benjamin has been born.

Monday, we made the trip to my mom and dad’s. Borrowing a bag for the top of the van (thanks Harms Family), we squeezed gifts, clothes, equipment, three kids, Benjamin’s nurse, KC, and me in the van. Luckily, I have a skill for packing.

At my parents, we ate, opened gifts, ate, played family card games, ate, napped, opened more gifts, ate, went to Natchitoches, ate, went to Hodges Gatdens, and celebrated Jesus’ birthday…oh, and ate. This Christmas made a year since I’ve been home to my parents’, so we made the best of it. Traveling alone with the three kids is almost impossible for that long of a distance, and with KC’s schedule, it is very hard to work it out.

Benjamin had been on oxygen since being sick, but when we disconnected the oxygen to get into the car to leave Luling, he tolerated it wonderfully and has been off since. 🙂 Benjamin is finally back to himself. This was the best gift yet. This will also be our first trip to my parents’ house that we didn’t have to leave early to admit Benjamin into the hospital. Whooohooo!

As we travel home, I smile thinking about how good Santa was to this family this year, and how God has been even better. We are all so blessed to be healthy and happy while we await the arrival of the kids’ baby brother.











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