A Tiny Voice Of Reason

The past few weeks have been very stressful for our family as we approach so many milestones. New job, new insurance for Benjamin, new healthcare, new baby, new playground, new colds, and the possibility of a new home and mortgage just became too much for me. Yesterday, I was almost at my breaking point, but today…today is a new day. 🙂

On my way to drop the girls off at school, I could barely hear them in the back, preoccupied by what all I have in front of me. (You have to be really preoccupied to not hear these two) As Lennon crawled out the door to go to school, she picked up on the Christian song on the radio. Almost as if time stood still, I heard Lennon yell and sing,

“God’s Not Dead, He’s Surely Alive!”

I was speechless and with tears starting to fill my eyes, I could barely tell the girls good-bye. What does this tell me 1. I love that my children speak of God so freely. 2. Things always get resolved. 3. My children go to such a wonderful school where this is encouraged. 4. I am so blessed to be in the position I am in. 🙂

So the day continued, and an enormous weight was lifted as problems were resolved and blessings continued.

Today, I picked up $400 from New Sarpy Elementary for the playground (Way To Go Guys!), and checked in on United Way to see that over four-thousand dollars had been donated directly to them in the past month. I love that these donations are coming from all ages, families, companies, this community, and supporters from around the nation.

Sometimes, it’s easy forget how blessed we are while we are piled under our daily stressors, but with an open heart, there is always a tiny voice of reason to keep you going.




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