Two Too Cute

It’s been a busy, emotional, crazy, faithful, and wonderful two years. I have learned more about family, faith, friendship, and life in these past two years than I had learned total in the 30 years before.

Benjamin has not only survived the past two years, but has thrived and accomplished more than most would in their entire lives. At two, Benjamin is able to sign (thank you, music, daddy/mommy, more, hello, all done) can nod yes and no, turns his head with his hands, transfers toys, plays peek-a-boo and patty cake, throws toys, splash in the bath tub, helps with rolling, and throws temper tantrums. He loves it when Daddy makes monster sounds, Mommy bathes him in kisses, his sisters use baby talk, and when we all watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

We are so thankful for what Benjamin CAN do, and know we are blessed that God has allowed us to be able to know and love one of HIS children.

Today, we celebrate Benjamin. Happy Happy Birthday little buddy!!!








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