Mardi Gras Marathon

Today was Benjamin’s first trip to the Luling Mardi Gras Parade. I was initially concerned about the loud music and sirens, but with headphones on playing the fantastic music of Dr. John, Benjamin really enjoyed the sights. While everyone was making sure Benjamin felt included covering him in beads and toys, I was quickly sanitizing everything he came in contact with. πŸ™‚ He loved every bit of it, throwing balls over the side of his chair and swinging the beads across the tray. The girls stood front and center, guarded by an army of family, grabbing every trinket that came their way. I am hoping I can sneak some of it out of the house in the morning.

Why is it the most exciting things for your children are the most exhausting for the parents? At the parade is when I truly realized we are out numbered. KC and I were constantly double checking each other’s coverage of the kids while reminding them of their location boundaries. Being 33 1/2 weeks pregnant didn’t make it easier, and thoughts of how this will be managed next year definitely ran through my head. “Will we ever leave the house again?” πŸ™‚ I am sure we will, remembering how I previously thought having one child was difficult to manage. You learn to adjust and change your defensive coverage as needed.

On our way home, looking in the backseat and seeing three precious kiddos asleep with mouths wide open, makes all the running and worrying worth it…a true sign of a successful day. (Love that Isla refused to wear Mardi Gras colors)





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