Benjamin’s Little Buddy

Wednesday April 2nd, Rush Leon Sirmon came into this world kicking and screaming. (What a joyful noise!) After a few days at the hospital, we were released and anxious to get home to the kiddos. Lennon and Isla had met Rush at the hospital, so the only introduction left was for Benjamin.

After arriving home and walking in the door, we quickly brought Rush over to Benjamin. Since Rush was screaming, Benjamin immediately showed his dislike for his new Little Buddy. As days passed, we continued to introduce the two and encouraged contact between them. Finally, a week later, Benjamin quit pushing Rush away and placed his hand on Rush’s arm. Yay, a sweet notion. Well, that was short lived, because today, Benjamin gave Rush a little push in the back to help him roll away from him. I know that this bond will be strong, I just need to give it time. πŸ™‚ I know my vision from last summer of Benjamin and a new baby boy together playing will come to life soon and we will be able to watch this sweet brotherly relationship blossom. ‘Til then, we will carefully monitor Benjamin’s “loving” touch and wait for Rush to retaliate. πŸ™‚






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