Preparing for the Final Chapter…

So much is happening for our family that I can’t figure out if I am scared, excited, nervous, or anxious and I guess most of the time I am all of the above. We are preparing to finish the final chapter of our lives here in South Louisiana and excited to start the first chapter of the Sirmon sequel in North Louisiana.

First of all, we are so excited about the playground. The check for the equipment was written last week, and the scheduled day to start building is June 2. We are doing a community build and looking for groups of volunteers. June 2-4, the playground will be assembled, followed by the concrete the next week, and the pour-in-play the next. I can’t believe we were able to raise the money for the playground in 5 months. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from this community.

Unfortunately, soon after the playground is built, we will be leaving Luling. I am so glad we were able to have a hand in creating such a wonderful place, but sad we won’t be able to enjoy it as often as we would have liked. It is amazing how God’s timing couldn’t be more perfect though. We are so happy that we will be able to see the playground completed before we leave.

This past January, we made a big decision to move to Monroe, Louisiana. KC was presented with a great opportunity, and we decided that it would be a great move for our family. Moving a family is never easy, but moving our family is a little more difficult. This is where the anxiety began. After calls, emails, and research, with the help of a very supportive orthopedic group, we think we have worked out Benjamin’s new healthcare team. I know the transition will be tough, but we will be ready to handle it.

The girls are signed up and ready for their new school. Isla and Lennon visited every classroom during their tour, and Isla made sure to stop and play with all the toys. Both girls give it their stamp of approval.

Last weekend we drove to Monroe (all 6 of us) to look for a place to rent. After much discussion, we decided to rent until we had the time to look for houses. Just as we always know God’s plan doesn’t always match ours, we actually found a place to buy on our way out of town. The house couldn’t be more perfect. It’s less than two years old, in a caul de sac, enough rooms for everyone, and a garage space large enough to open Benjamin’s ramp. It’s just big enough for all of us, and small enough where I can easily keep tabs on all these kiddos. God definitely influenced this builder to create a home specific to our needs. πŸ™‚ If everything runs smoothly, we will close mid-June.

Last weekend during our visit, we found out more great news…a handicap accessible playground is being built in West Monroe. We are so excited to not only to have a place for Benjamin, Lennon, Isla, and Rush to play, but even more excited that the idea that playgrounds should include all children is spreading.

At home, things are crazy, busy, and wonderful. Benjamin is still not too sure of Rush, Lennon is busy making baby beds out of boxes (maybe she will make furniture), and occasionally Isla makes it to Rush’s bedside in the middle of the night before I do. :). We must be managing pretty well because Lennon decided last night that she needed many more brothers and sisters. πŸ™‚




One thought on “Preparing for the Final Chapter…

  1. It was great visiting with you last Sat. Precious family. Do think one of the girls may have left a hair band. So excited to have you in our community. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

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