Ground Breaking Breakthroughs

Last November, when we started to get the fundraising going, it seemed like the groundbreaking for the new playground was so far off. Sometimes I can’t believe it, but now if I need a reminder, all I have to do is drive to the East Bank Bridge Park. Last weekend, the old equipment was removed, and dirt was brought in. Equipment should be delivered next week, and the community build begins June 2nd. I’m so proud of this community for supporting us and supporting this project.

Not only has there been a ground breaking at the playground site, there has also been a breakthrough at home. Today, like every other, we placed Rush next to Benjamin for some brotherly bonding. All previous attempts haven’t been too successful, and I can’t say I blame Benjamin. Rush has been quite a fussy little guy. He was fussy enough for me to have him checked out by the doctor, and at home we frequently hear Lennon say “oh my gosh!” and Isla say “Momma, feed him.” With no answer other than an extremity sensitive stomach, it looks like things might finally be looking up. (I sadly had to give up caffeine)

Lowering Rush close to Benjamin, I touched Rush’s lips to Benjamin’s head as if he was kissing him. This is nothing new, but not once has Benjamin had a positive reaction. He has even cried over this gesture before. After doing this a few times, I held Rush next to Benjamin, and Benjamin started to click his tongue. (This is how he shows kisses since he can’t smack his lips consistently.) After “kissing” at Rush a few times, he dropped his glasses (the glasses actually belong to his nurse, but he LOVES them) and reached for the ones on her face. He then took them off and went to hand them to Rush. He not only did this once, but twice. 🙂 This is a huge deal, much bigger than just a pair of glasses. Benjamin takes everyone’s glasses, if he drops them and you don’t return them, he cries, and he definitely doesn’t share them. He usually has at least two in his hands, which means his nurse has to bring at least three pairs a day so she can see to work. I was shocked and excited. I guess Benjamin has realized Rush isn’t going anywhere, so they might as well get along. Benjamin is going to be such a great big brother, and Rush will be his “little Buddy.” 🙂




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