Initiation Staycation

Question: What do you do when your kids are unsure about moving to a new place?

Answer: You take them to every fun activity you can think of in the first week, until you are exhausted. My family has been here to help and tonight after my mom gave Isla a banana not knowing that I had already told her she couldn’t have one, she told my mom “she (me) may fire you.”

It has been one week since we officially moved. In that one week, we have visited the splash park and pool,


Experienced the Children’s Museum



Toured the Zoo (Benjamin’s first boat ride)



Hung out with family

Rode bikes in the street

Had sleepovers


Ran through the sprinklers

Played at the neighbors (the girls have asked every neighbor if they could go to their house)

All followed by promises of the movies and fishing. (Chuckie Cheese was checked off the list a month ago.)

(Isla’s first contact with a character)

We have landed in a wonderful neighborhood and between Lennon, Isla, KC, and Barkley, we are well on our way to getting to know everyone. :). So far I think our Initiation Staycation is a huge success.


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