The Miracles To Milestones Playground

20140707-081223-29543617.jpgWe have officially moved, but not before we could play on the wonderful new playground. I made sure we were able to have a few minutes to play, or we were breaking in. ;).

Driving there, pulling up, and unloading Benjamin was a little emotional for many reasons. 1. We did it. We finished this project just in time for our big move. 2. When I think about how supportive everyone has been, it makes my heart smile. 3. We are now moving from a community that has loved and embraced Benjamin and our family. Moving wasn’t the easiest decision.

Well, the playground was a hit with this family. Lennon’s feet barely touched the ground while she repeatedly scaled the entire playground. I spun Isla so many times that I can’t believe she didn’t get sick. Benjamin loved all the toys that were at his reach especially the musical toys and the steering wheels, and I couldn’t have been happier as I watched Benjamin play side by side with his sisters. We also put Benjamin on a slide for the first time. Benjamin is sensitive to the heat and since it was midday, the slide was warm and he was not happy.

Mom on the other hand was teary eyed. It’s one of those activities that I do for me more than for Benjamin. 🙂 I just want to make sure he has every chance to experience life as his sisters did. Next time, we will try under better weather conditions, and hope for better results.

I can’t thank this community enough. This community donated, spread the word, gave words of encouragement, and worked hard for three days to make this a reality. The Parish couldn’t have been more supportive providing the location, the foundation, and a fantastic group of hard working people.





I know the kids and families will love it. I hope it is all that they expected and more. I hope and pray that Benjamin has had as much of an effect on the community as he has had in our family. We have been blessed and we are glad to share our blessings with the Miracles To Milestones Playground.





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