Fall Update

This has probably been the longest break I have taken from writing since Benjamin joined the family. Today, I tried to figure out why. I don’t write just to fill up the page. I write to either get things off my chest, reason out a problem, vent, or share an experience. So, why haven’t I written?! Is it because we have been crazy busy, or because things have been running smoothly, or because as time goes on, I occasionally become numb to the real highs and the extreme lows? I’m still not sure, but I think I am due for an update.

Lennon: First grade, spends four hours a week in gymnastics and loves it, thinks two boys in her class are really cute, runs the neighborhood any chance she gets, and is really learning to read and spell. (No more secret spelling between mom and dad. Such a sad moment.)


Isla: PreK4, almost knows all her letters, takes ballet but not for long, she doesn’t like to sweat, comes up with her own songs and tunes, loves the neighbors and their supply of snacks, and is just fine tripping over all the toys on the floor in her room.

Rush: 6 months, started a Mother’s Day out two days a week (whoohoo), sits up, about to start crawling, loves to eat, and finally moved past the colic stage.

Dad: Working hard, loving the job, and finally is able to spend more time with the family.

Me: Stay at home Mom, loving the time with my little boys during the day, chauffeuring two little girls in the afternoons, cleaning, organizing, working out (finally starting to take better care of myself, and preparing for the handling of Benjamin’s growing body), and once again, working with the West Monroe Civitan Club to build a new inclusive playground.



Barkley: Moved back in the house preparing for winter, licking up after Rush, and helping me clean the floors.


Benjamin: Benjamin has been awesome. He is learning how to use a communication device that will talk for him, he is expanding on his sign language, and is loving life.


We are happily and easily adjusting to life in North Louisiana. We are really excited about the cooler weather, and that they actually have closer to four seasons here. 🙂 Happy Fall Y’all!


2 thoughts on “Fall Update

  1. It’s so good hearing from you! Your children are certainly embarking on new experiences! Watching them grow is one of the most blessed aspects of motherhood. Enjoy every minute! It’s good knowing that you and KC have more time for yourselves and the family too. Adelaide and Leo love playing at Benjamin’s park but the Harms family misses you guys. Take care and enjoy a true fall season! Karen Sauzer

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