Our Vatical Valentines

IMG_1634In the dictionary, vatic is defined as “characteristic of a prophet.” It is a perfect adjective to describe the estimated 30 men that showed up on our doorstep on Valentine’s Day.

Thursday, I received a call from one of the men from the retreat that sang in church on Sunday. They had read our story, and asked if a few guys could come pray over Benjamin. My response, “Of course!” Not only, do we want as many people as possible on Benjamin’s side, but also because I think Benjamin has an unbelievable affect of others that should be shared. So Saturday, I was prepared for a “few” gentlemen to stop by.

When I opened the door, I fought back tears. There were so many trucks (North Louisiana 🙂 ) parked outside and more people walking up (we live in an amazing neighborhood.) They filed in introducing themselves, bringing food, flowers, and a keyboard and they kept on coming. I didn’t count, but our home was full, full of prophets…our Vatical Valentines.

We prayed, sang, laid hands, and cried over Benjamin. When I heard they would be singing, I can’t lie, I was nervous. Nervous I would fall apart again, with the ugly cry, but the moment could not have been more perfect. A moment I will never forget, and I am sure they won’t either. I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me not only today, but this week. I know I wasn’t able to verbally express my feelings well, (that has never been one of my strengths) but I hope they were able to see and feel my gratitude. Moving to a new town this past year, at times it’s easy to feel a little alone, but I know I should never have that feeling again.

After writing the other night, Benjamin has been more himself and so have I. I know it’s from all the prayers that have been said in our name this week. God pushed me to write that night, and God pushed others to pray…and in good timing…God’s timing. These men, our families, and our friends helped drag me from the valley I was in, back up to the peak where it is easy to see how blessed we truly are.

I can’t think of a verse more perfect for what we witnessed today than Mark 12:31: The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

We ended our wonderful day with a quick dinner at Nonna’s (only kids there) before KC headed to work.


Rush stayed home with his big cousin. 🙂 He snuck his first icing treat yesterday when I wasn’t looking.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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